The big news today is I have fulfilled a New Year's Resolution - to get this website up-to-date! It has taken at least a good four days, learning, re-learning and re-re-learning how to do it!  I have also kept a personal log of how to do it - for next time. It's not perfect but it is better AND a lot more up-to-date!! Have fun looking through it and do get in touch via 'Contacts' above if you want any more information.

13 March 2020

This is  the William Mather Art website! Welcome!

This website is an opportunity to share work I am doing and have done - a bit of a glorified shop-window! And if you are interested in any pieces or in making contact please get in touch... 

... and this is yours-truly in Jaffrey, New Hampshire October 2019 in this photo taken by my cousin Tom Smith during a great walk near his house.


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