Welcome to my website!

Hi -  I'm William and my wife Libby and I live on the Black Isle in the Highlands.

Lots more painting going on and I'm very bad at updating this website! At the moment  there is work at Torridon Gallery, Gallery 48 in Cromarty at Crofter's Cafe, Rosemarkie. Most of these are landscapes which I've always loved.

Portraits continue to be a big part but not so many since lockdown. Portrait-sketches are just beginning to pick up. These are very quick 10 minute 'portrait-sketches' done live at public events. 'Proper' portraits are a lot more considered, often involving hours in the studio. The challenge is for both a good likeness and also a special picture. If only more people could sit for portraits! But you have to be realistic, so a lot of work is done from photographs and it is amazing how well they can work.

The studio is close to our home in Fortrose and is base-camp for working in oils, pastel, charcoal, pen-and-watercolour.

This website  reflects a diversity, from Landscapes and Portraits, to portrait sketches, Africa images, Church images and Abstracts. The images also cover a variety of different years!

I have always loved painting even though I have had careers in journalism and then in the Anglican Church - as a Vicar! Yes really! So there’s not been much time for anything else. But you'll find a few slightly tongue-in-cheek clergy moments on the 'Churches' page.Retirement in 2010 has given more time for the painting but as every artist knows time is always a battle!

I am basically self-taught but come from a family of artists and we all encourage each other.  Over the years there have been lots of landscapes and portraits - some sold and some given away. 

Now as a member of the Art Society of Inverness and the Redcastle Art Group I value very much the teaching and encouragement from others.  Ideas and tips come from all sorts of study and courses. One of the earliest was six-months' life-drawing at the Academie Julian in Paris where I was  supposed to be learning French as well. I can't say I excelled at either!  But it was a privilege. I loved Paris and the wonderful galleries, particularly the Impressionists, have been an inspiration for life.

I have had a number of exhibitions and solo shows as well as requests along the way for a variety of art-work, articles and talks.

Libby and I are blessed with  three wonderful children and three grand-children. Life is not dull!

Just click on one of the 'galleries' above and enjoy a good browse!

William,  Sept 2022

Portrait-Sketching of Masai in Kenya
Portrait-Sketching of Masai in Kenya
A wonderful visit to a Masai village, Kenya with a chance to do charcoal portrait-sketches. V hot, v tiring but v worth it! See 'Portrait Sketches' page. Thanks to Crystal Wells - now Mather - for the photo.
Portrait of Crystal using FaceTime
Portrait of Crystal using FaceTime
A 'virtual' sitting of Crystal 5,000 miles away in Kenya for an 'actual' portrait in the UK - on-screen for four hours then lots of studio-work! Final portrait of Crystal is on the 'Portrait' page.
A bit chilly!
A bit chilly!
Plein-air work is a massive challenge and sometimes a bit chilly, as here above Alness, Highlands. Thanks to Jonathan Shearer for the photo! See 'Snow Images'' page for several snow-efforts.
In The Studio
In The Studio
OK - so there's no paint on the brush or palette, so this is a bit fake! But thanks to our daughter Hannah - being handy with a camera - this gives an idea of where a lot of the work goes on - and that's not fake at all!
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