This year has been a letting-go of a few other commitments to give more time for painting. I am also pleased to have more paintings in galleries! You've got to start somewhere so recent events have included having a table at the Inverness Art Fair last December and then creating a Facebook Art page shortly after that. Now the challenge is to keep it up-to-date - like this website! It has aso been great to connect again with the Redcastle Art Group (RAG) after so many Covid lockdowns. You don't realise how much you appreciate the support and encouragement until you don't have it!

 Lots of fresh visual ideas here now, so have fun looking through it and do get in touch via 'Contacts' above if you want any more information or even if you want to buy something!

28 September 2022This is the William Mather Art website! Welcome!

This website is an opportunity to share work I am doing and have done - a bit of a glorified shop-window! These paages give an idea but it's really hard to convey the passion of a large painting with the tiny images here! But if you are interested in any pieces or in making contact please go to 'Contact' above and get in touch... 

... and this is yours-truly in Jaffrey, New Hampshire in October 2019. This photo was taken by my cousin Tom Smith during a great walk and sketch time near his house when Libby and I were staying with him and Margo. A wonderful place of many memories over the years! Thanks to all our American family - Smiths, Ayres, Ames, Fulstones and all!



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